Ride Leader


Ride Leaders

Pre Ride

  • Ride leaders must be registered with CTC as a Ride Leader for insurance purposes
  • Make sure you understand the Highway code, particularly in respect of cycling
  • Select routes appropriate to the group you are leading
  • Indicate approximate mileage on website, plus other relevant ride info eg hilly /off road sections /busy roads
  • Avoid busy roads if possible
  • Allow sufficient time for delays /extra stops
  • Organise lunch /refreshment stops and liaise re capacity with cafes / pubs
  • Be ready to cancel rides or adapt in adverse weather conditions – check re local conditions if possible

Start of Ride

  • Take list of riders, contact and emergency phone numbers
  • Brief riders re route and ride etiquette (if needed for new rider)
  • Have a contingency plan should the need arise
  • Appoint a back marker if needed and ensure they understand their role and route to be taken
  • If there are more than 15 riders, split the group, for safety reasons

During Ride

  • Stay at the front of the group, discourage riders from overtaking you needlessly
  • Monitor the progress of group – adjust speed if necessary
  • Remind riders of basic CTC rules /Highway Code /Club Etiquette if needed
  • Ensure riders only cycle 2 abreast if it is safe to do so
  • Give clear hand signals and verbal warnings of hazards /turning /stopping /slowing etc
  • Stop to re-gather group in a safe place after hills /junctions /traffic lights etc
  • If the group is split, maintain good contact and communication
  • Ensure the group stays together in the event of a solvable mechanical / other problem
  • Decide on an appropriate plan of action if needed to deal with more complex problems (eg slow riders /bike problems /riders unable to complete the ride) – do not abandon riders

After the ride

  • Upload list of riders to website
  • Upload Ride List, useful details reroute / cafes etc to gpx file

Back Marker

  • Know route and how many in group
  • Stay at a back with rearmost rider
  • Either ride up to report problems to leader or send a message forward