Club kit

Club Kit is ordered from a company called Owayo. We have found the quality to be very good and are happy to carry on re-ordering with them. In order to keep costs down, we try to order in bulk every so often, as the kit is price dependent on the number of items ordered.
The Kit consists of:
  • Sleeveless jersey
  • Short sleeved jersey
  • Long sleeved jersey
  • Winter jersey
  • Wind jacket
Information required is:
  • Each item you wish to order
  • Size of each item
  • Name (if any) you would like printed on each item, as you would like it to appear (but names can’t be put on items brought from stock)

Stock currently in hand:

  • Sleeveless jersey – £40.60 – 1 x Medium, 1 x Extra Large
  • Short sleeved jersey – £40.60 – 2 x Extra Large
  • Long sleeved jersey – £43.50 – 1 x Extra Large, 2 x Large
  • Winter jersey – £51.50 – 1 x Large
  • Wind jacket – £52.50 – 1 x Medium, 3 x Large, 1 x Extra Large

Prices for new orders are variable depending on quantity purchased and exchange rate.

For sizing, please ask other members if you can try on their tops for size, and order whatever you are comfortable in, deciding whether you like a snug fit, or prefer a more roomy fit.

For more information, please contact Karen Millington or use the contact us form