Club kit

In 2022, we decided to change our club kit. The old design and colours have served us well for many years, but we felt that we needed to be more visible. As well as changing the colours, we also took the opportunity to change the design. We will not be re-ordering any of the old design, but we do have a few items left in stock, which we are selling at hugely reduced prices. Members will be wearing both old and new kit as we phase the new kit in. Of course, there is no obligation to change to the new kit.

The new kit consists of:

  • Short sleeved jersey
  • Long sleeved jersey
  • Arm warmers

New Endura custom kit prices (plus VAT)
Prices for new orders are variable depending on quantity purchased (of the same type)

Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey full zip XS to XXL
5+    £45
10 + £38
25 + £36

Women’s Roubaix Jacket XS to XXL
5 +   £61
10 + £52
25 + £49

Arm Warmers S/M  – M/L – L/XL
10 + £17
15 + £16
25 + £15

Stock currently in hand:

  • NEW Endura Short Sleeve Jersey full zip – M x 2, L x 3
  • OLD Owayo Sleeveless Jersey – £10 – M x 1
  • OLD Owayo Short Sleeve Jersey – £10 – XL x 2
  • OLD Owayo Long Sleeve Jersey – £15 – L x 1 , XL x 1
  • OLD Owayo Wind Jacket – £20 – L x 3, XL x 1

For sizing, please ask other members if you can try on their tops for size, and order whatever you are comfortable in, deciding whether you like a snug fit, or prefer a more roomy fit.

For more information, please contact Karen Millington or use the contact us form