Welcome to our calendar! This is a private area (for club members only) so you need to be registered & logged in to use this! If you haven’t registered yet – please DO IT NOW!

Once the ride info is on the calendar, please contact the ride leader (text, WhatsApp, phone, email) to let them know you’re coming.
Ride leaders – after the ride please add a list of the riders to your calendar entry.

When you add an entry, CLICK THE “ALLOW COMMENTS” BOX – to allow others to add comments to your entry!

Let Ruth know of any problems/questions/requests 🙂 Instructions on adding links (e.g. to GPS) are shown below the calendar.

You do not have permission to view this calendar.

LINKS: if you want to add a link (e.g. to GPS),

1. Copy this text: [url=http://www.whatever you want to link to//]The text that people will click on[/url]<br />

2. Paste it into your calendar entry wherever you want it to go.

3. Replace the green text with the URL you want to link to (if you’re in the website that you want the link to go to – this will be everything in the address bar after the www.)

4. Replace the blue text with whatever you want people to click on, e.g. “Here’s the GPS link!”