Happy New Year!

At our Christmas Party we voted on a new Tagline…. and the winner is…………..

“Cycle with Hopwood, Cycle with Friends”

….so you will start to see this incorporated within our website in the near future!


(Thanks to Ann for hosting a wonderful party and the idea for the new Tagline and thanks to Pip for organising the vote


Please note the following change to the management of our rides 🙂

        • Details of the Rides will be entered onto the calendar on the website by the ride leaders (mails will be sent out in parallel until 1st Dec to give everyone an opportunity to get familiar with the website) – the members will be responsible for logging into the website to find the ride information.
        • The members will then text or mail the ride leader to confirm that they are joining the ride and where from.
        • The ride Leaders will then – after the ride – enter the data into the website (miles/name on ride – that normally is sent via mail to Pip)