Ride etiquette

Ride Etiquette

Welcome to the Hopwood Ladies Etiquette page.  We look forward to welcoming new members. To ensure that everyone has as safe and enjoyable a ride as possible, please read the following.

  • All riders come along at their own risk and must wear a helmet
  • Inform the Ride Leader that you will be joining the ride in advance
  • Ensure that the ride is suitable for your ability – speak to the Ride Leader and read the Club Rides page
  • Ensure that your bike is in a roadworthy condition – working brakes, chain and tyres in good condition and that you are carrying lights (may be needed in poor visibility)
  • Arrive on time and inform the Ride Leader before the ride of any time /other considerations you may have
  • Follow instructions from the Ride Leader at all times and be guided by their pace
  • The Ride Leader will advise you of unsafe riding – ongoing non-compliance with etiquette / unsafe riding may result in exclusion from the ride / Club.
  • Stay behind the Ride Leader, who sets the pace (excluding hills up/down) unless advised to overtake
  • On hills, ride at your own pace, the ride will regroup at the top/bottom in a safe place
  • Allow space between yourself and other riders on hills
  • Please ride in a steady line and at a constant speed whenever possible and maintain awareness of other riders and road users
  • Be aware of and follow the Highway Code at all times
  • Ride 2 abreast only when safe to do so – never more than 2 abreast
  • Do not wave cars through.  Let the driver decide when it is safe to do so.
  • Allow space for cars to overtake, create gaps in the group as needed in busy traffic
  • Point out hazards eg obstacles, loose gravel, potholes and give clear signals or verbal warning of slowing down, stopping, approaching cars, turning etc
  • Be aware of riders in front of and behind you – cycle safely
  • Please carry spare inner tubes and a pump in case of a puncture – we will help you to fix these
  • Inform the Ride Leader if you are encountering a problem.  You will be supported in decision making and all attempts will be made to assist and support you.
  • Although we will assist you in every way we can, there may be occasions when you will need a contingency plan eg for major mechanical problems, so please have emergency money. Be assured we will never abandon you!

We hope that by following the above guidelines you will enjoy riding with Hopwood Ladies, make new friends and will develop your cycling skills and fitness